2012 New Products from ATA

During the first day of the 2012 Archery Trade Show, I spent most of my time checking out the new bows from top manufacturers. (Check out the slideshow here.) Today, I got a chance to roam the aisles and look for some other really innovative gear for bowhunters.

Under Armour Scent Control
Under Armour’s Eddie Stevenson explains the company’s new Scent Control technology.

First up is a technology that scent-control freaks, such as myself, are going to be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks.

Both industry clothing leaders Under Armour and ScentLok have added zeolite technology to their product lines.

In Under Armour’s case, it marks a major jump into the scent control business, while ScentLok is adding the technology to its activated carbon technology to improve its effectiveness.

What is zeolite?

According to Under Armour’s Eddie Stevenson, Under Armour’s version is a custom-engineered zeolite carrier that is basically a synthetic lava that’s far superior to carbon in its ability to absorb odors and can be recharged through simple washing.

Under Armour is teaming the zeolite adsorption technology with silver-based antimicrobials to offer a full line of scent control garments.

ScentLok's Mike Andrews and the new Carbon Alloy

ScentLok's Mike Andrews and the new Carbon Alloy

Meanwhile, according to Mike Andrews, ScentLok is also incorporating zeolite into its garments. Teaming a new activated carbon and zeolite treatment, ScentLok has produced what they are calling a Carbon Alloy.

“ScentLok’s new Carbon Alloy sets a new standard by adding other components to activated carbon to enhance the ability to adsorb odors to extreme levels,” Andrews explained. “Carbon Alloy will increase the spectrum of adsorption by its ability to target human specific odors. Zeolite adds adsorptive range to activated carbon by adsorbing smaller odor molecules, such as ammonia, better than carbon alone.”

Another new addition is ScentLok’s new treated activated carbon.

“ScentLok’s new treated carbon can adsorb up to three times more hydrogen sulfide, a cause of strong breath odor, than untreated carbon alone,” he added. “The combination of activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite extends the scent control spectrum beyond activated carbon or zeolite alone.”

My guess is, we’ll be hearing a lot more about zeolite in the coming weeks and months.

Up next, a look at new broadheads and arrows.