2016 SHOT SHOW: Best New Gear from Styrka

GEAR  Styrka S9 binos

Styrka’s flagship S9 series binoculars boast world-class optical performance. Even in low-light conditions, you’ll get bright, high-contrast images with jaw-dropping clarity and resolution.

All lens surfaces are coated multiple times utilizing our proprietary SXL-MAX anti-reflective flat broadband coatings for maximum brightness and optimal color, sharpness and image contrast, while maximizing transmission across the entire visible light spectrum for true-to-nature color representation.

The ergonomic open bridge design design allows fingers to wrap around the barrels of the binocular for improved grip, steadiness and one-handed use.

The S9 series has 100 percent waterproof fully sealed housing for performance in all conditions; submersion tested for 30 minutes in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water.

Internal housing is purged of air and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging.

Rubber armor provides tough, durable external protection and a secure no-slip grip. Eye cups twist up or down for a custom fit to your eye with or without glasses

Included items:
Tripod Adapter (56mm only): included with the binocular for mounting on a tripod during long glassing sessions or when additional stability is needed.
Tethered Lens Covers and Rainguard: The rainguard and tethered objective lens covers protect the lenses of your binocular from scratches and the elements.
Padded Comfort Neck Strap: The included neoprene neck strap is wide and extremely comfortable. Use it in comfort all day.
Deluxe Custom Carrying Case: The Styrka carrying case included with the binocular can be used as a traditional carrying case but it can also be worm on your chest with the included harness straps. It keeps the binocular close for quick and easy access while protecting it when out in the field.

For more information visit styrkastrong.com


Maximize Your Deer Season Planning With the 2016 Whitetails Wall Calendar!

2016 DDH Whitetail Wall CalendarFrom Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, the 2016 Whitetails Wall Calendar features the work of deer researchers Wayne Laroche and Charlie Alsheimer, who reveal the 2016 whitetail rut prediction, based on years of lunar cycle research. Utilize this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt.

“The DDH wall calendar is one of our most popular annual ShopDeerHunting items,” said Dan Schmidt, DDH Content Director and Editor-in-Chief. “The 2016 calendar, just like the ones before it, features some amazing whitetail deer photography that captures deer in all the seasons. It also provides deer activity charts so you can plan your hunt.”

With the 2016 DDH Whitetails Wall Calendar you’ll learn:

  • When the seeking, chasing and tending phases of the rut will occur for North & South
  • The predicted dates of Major & Minor deer activity in 2016
  • Daily 2016 Moon-phase data

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