2016 SHOT Show: Best New Gear from Wildgame Innovations

GEAR  Wildgame Persimmon1

Deer and other wildlife species love persimmons. Anywhere these sweet, wild fruits ripen and start hitting the ground in fall, white-tailed deer move in from surrounding areas and quickly vacuum them up.

For 2016, Wildgame Innovations has captured the “power of the persimmon” in its most potent deer attractant product to-date. Wildgame Innovations’ new Persimmon Crush combines the natural attracting fragrance and flavor of real persimmons with an ultra-high 16% fat content and carbohydrate blend to create a highly palatable attractant and nutritional supplement deer can’t resist.

GEAR  Wildgame Persimmon2The power of Wildgame Innovations’ new Persimmon Crush goes beyond its flavorful composition. The proprietary attractant is double screened to create a fine powder that maximizes scent release, flooding downwind areas with its powerful fragrance.

Use Persimmon Crush to attract deer to camera sites, mineral sites or supplemental nutrition sites outside of the hunting season, or to actual hunting locations or bait stations, where legal. Its appealing aroma, exceptional fat content and high palatability make Persimmon Crush the perfect attractant and nutritional supplement, especially during the late season and winter stress periods.

Wildgame Innovations’ new Persimmon Crush can be placed by itself purely as an attractant, or as a supplement to feed or other Wildgame innovations products to help attract deer to new feeding sites or mineral sites that aren’t yet fully established.


  • Mfg. Item # FG-00422
  • UPC 8-50695-00422-3
  • New, proprietary double-screened attractant
  • Double screening creates fine powder that absorbs & releases far more scent
  • Ultra High fat content (16%+) & carbohydrate blend
  • Perfect for late season when native browse is scarce
  • Real persimmons add natural attracting power
  • Our most potent attractant to-date delivers unrivaled fragrance
  • Highly palatable, based on ruminant science
  • 5 lb. bag

MSRP: $14.99

WGI Innovations, Ltd. is the distinct leader in the game-scouting camera, feeder and outdoor electronics market. Wildgame Innovations strives to provide big game hunters and game management professionals with the latest and greatest in outdoor innovation. Our lines of feeds, seeds, and attractants are specially formulated to keep your herd healthy, active and growing year after year.

For more information visit www.wildgameinnovations.com.



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2016 DDH Whitetail Wall CalendarFrom Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, the 2016 Whitetails Wall Calendar features the work of deer researchers Wayne Laroche and Charlie Alsheimer, who reveal the 2016 whitetail rut prediction, based on years of lunar cycle research. Utilize this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt.

“The DDH wall calendar is one of our most popular annual ShopDeerHunting items,” said Dan Schmidt, DDH Content Director and Editor-in-Chief. “The 2016 calendar, just like the ones before it, features some amazing whitetail deer photography that captures deer in all the seasons. It also provides deer activity charts so you can plan your hunt.”

With the 2016 DDH Whitetails Wall Calendar you’ll learn:

  • When the seeking, chasing and tending phases of the rut will occur for North & South
  • The predicted dates of Major & Minor deer activity in 2016
  • Daily 2016 Moon-phase data

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