2018 Bowhunting Show: New Arrows, Bolts and Broadheads

Gary Cornum from Beman Arrows discusses some highlights of the new Defender series carbon arrows.

A bowhunter’s choice of arrows, bolts and broadheads can be a difference-maker in terms of hunting accuracy, penetration and ultimately, the lethality of every bowhunting rig. But with all of the choices of equipment out on the market, what do you pick? Well, that decision is going to be more difficult to make now that so much more new archery equipment has just been released at the 2018 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis. Choose wisely.


Beman ICS Defender Elite 

Straightness of ±.002″ in sizes 400, 340 and 300. 

Carbon Express PileDriver DS Hunter

Straightness factor: ±.0035″. Weight tolerance: ±1.0 grain. Heaviest arrow in the Carbon Express lineup for massive kinetic energy and penetration.

Easton FMJ 5mm Limited Edition Woodland Camo

Factory straight, weight and spine matched ±0.002″. 5MM (X) micro diameter thick-wall carbon-fiber core with 7075 aluminum metal jacket.

Victory Archery Carbon Trad 

Weight tolerace of +/- 0.5 grains. Straightness tolerance +/- .003″. Natural, woven linen fiber infused into the outer layer. Gives the look and feel of natural wood for improved durability and accuracy. 










Slash Arrow Slash Carbon Bolt

Double walled carbon fiber and aluminum in the 4″ section for INsetBlades. Three blade broadhead for overall 2.25″ of linear cutting edge, two additional blades concealed in the arrow with an overall 3″ of linear cutting edge.

Carbon Express Juggernaut

Multi-layer carbon and composite design. Heaviest carbon crossbolt on the market.









Muzzy Trocar HB Ti

Machined titanium ferrule. Single bevel serrated, 1″ fixed blade to induce spin. 1-5/8″ expandable blade cutting diameter.











New Archery Products Swingfire

2″ cutting diameter. Tested to 450 fps.Independently shifts four different and opposing cutting surfaces.