42% Off Collection of Concealed Carry Media

Retail: $156
Special Price: $89.99
Savings: $66.01 (42%)

The Bargain Blogger received a tip that GunDigestStore.com was blowing out a bunch of books about concealed carry. Well, it turned out it was more than just books. The deal almost seemed too good to be true.

For $89.99, you get all this from Gun Digest (yeah, THAT Gun Digest):

Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry (book)
Defensive Handgun Skills (book)
Buyer’s Guide to Concealed Carry Handguns (book)
The Double Action Revolver for Concealed Carry (article download)
The Glock Pistol – Drastic, Fantastic Plastic (article download from none other than Massad Ayoob)
Thunder Ranch Concealed Carry Options (DVD)
• Blackhawk Gun Rug Pistol Pouch (storage for pistols)

Aside from the items themselves, the best thing about this collection is that you get stuff right away. You can read the two article downloads right after ordering. Then the other items come in the mail.

The tip also said that there are only 64 of these collections left. Click here to get yours.