Accessorize to Improve Your Best Deer Hunting Scent Control Tactics

Accessories and knowing how to get them set up to your best benefit pays off with the Ozonics system for your best scent control plans.

Accessories and knowing how to get them set up to your best benefit pays off with the Ozonics system for your best scent control plans.

While hunters using the ground-breaking ozone technology of the Ozonics units to eliminate their scent are ready to go hunt in a treestand or ground blind as soon as they get their kit, some accessories make Ozonics even easier to use just about anywhere.

Ozonics accessoriesOzonics, about the size of a clock radio, converts oxygen into ozone, which is an unstable molecule that bonds immediately with scent molecules. Treestand hunters set the unit just 6 inches to a foot above their head, where any wind will cascade the heavier ozone molecules that the unit’s silent fan blows out through their scent profiles. The result is bucks approaching from downwind that would bust most hunters keep right on coming.

Although the hunter can swivel the Ozonics unit to meet changing wind conditions, an Extension Arm accessory ($19.99) makes it much easier to readily maneuver and aim the unit. The Extension Arm brings the HR-200 out farther away from the tree, which not only makes aiming it out and around the tree more convenient, but it also gets the unit out over the hunter’s head. With the extension arm, the Ozonics unit is not projecting ozone onto the hunter’s hat and head, which uses up the ozone, but out over his scent stream, where the ozone can bond with scent molecules. About 8 inches long, the Extension Arm is designed to use in conjunction with the existing Ozonics mounting hardware and also works with the Ozonics EZ mount accessory.

The EZ Mount ($19.99) accessory makes mounting your Ozonics HR-200 easier, faster and quieter than ever. The EZ Mount works like a receiver hitch, as it allows you to simply slide your Ozonics HR-200 into place. It retrofits your existing Ozonics mounting hardware. Once you’ve screwed the tree mount into your tree and fitted the EZ Mount to your HR-200, all that’s left is sliding the two together.

The Ozonics Ratchet Strap ($49.99) allows you to affix your Ozonics to the tree without the need for the Tree Screw. It is the perfect solution on public lands that don’t allow screws in trees. The Ratchet Strap works with the existing Ozonics tree-mounting hardware.

Ozonics also offers extra Tree Mounting Screws($19.99) that allow you to have a mounting screw ready in all of the trees from which you might hunt.

And speaking of extras, hunters can add an extra Rechargeable XL Battery($134.99), which delivers eight full hours of uninterrupted use in tree stand mode or 10 hours in blind mode, and it can be recharged in just six hours. This Extended Life battery is ideal for all-day hunts or for those who hunt where access to electricity for recharging is limited. Another battery option is a lower-priced Replacement Rechargeable Battery ($94.49). This 11.1V Li-Ion DC battery will last for approximately five hours in blind/standard mode; four hours in treestand/boost mode. It recharges in four hours. The AC Battery Charger($59.99) is available for both battery types.

To tote your unit and accessories to your blind or stand, check out the Ozonics Carry Bag ($39.99). This bag holds the unit in the main compartment and the battery and mounting accessories in three additional pockets.

Also available are Replacement Blind Brackets ($19.99) and Mounting Bracket System ($39.99); the latter includes tree mounting and ground blind mounting hardware.

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