Alan Clemons’ Pick of the Day: Super Hot Ma-Mah Call

Florida Season Opening Day 2012 016

When you need a versatile deer call to use throughout the season, you’ll want one that is proven in real-world hunting experiences and will work for bucks and does.

Deer & Deer Hunting Managing Editor Alan Clemons reaches for the Super Hot Ma-Mah call to make realistic sounds that get the attention of deer in the area.

“The ultra soft body and flexible auto-tune megaphone makes calling easy,” he said. “The Super Hot Ma-Mah call is backed by science and proven in the field.”

You can adjust the call to make different sounds:

  • Exhale for Young Sexy Doe “Ma-Mah”: Calls bucks and does.
  • Inhale for Urgent Old Doe “Ma-Mah”: Gets a buck’s attention.
  • Inhale for Short, Soft Doe Breeding Bleats: Coaxes bucks in closer
  • Inhale & Exhale: Make the sounds of a hot doe’s breeding bellow.

See what Jerry Peterson, founder of Woods Wise, says about the call:

Get this great call now and start practicing before the season arrives!