Alan Clemons’ Pick of the Day: Treestand Safety Resource Kit

Staying safe when you’re climbing a treestand is the No. 1 priority for deer hunters, no matter if you’re 10 feet up in a ladder stand or 30 feet or higher in a climber or lock-on.

DDH Treestand safety Resource KitIf you’re elevated, always remember that it’s uncool to be unsafe. You have family and friends to think about. Stay safe all the time from the first step off the ground to the last step back on it.

“Today’s deer hunters have a lot of options for great safety gear,” said Alan Clemons, Deer & Deer Hunting Online Editor. “Learning how to utilize these full body harnesses, lifelines and other ways to ensure your safety is something all hunters should do before going into the woods this season. The great Treestand Safety Resource Kit is a super way to do this and also help your family and friends stay safe, too.”

The Treestand Safety Resource Kit contains three prime resources regarding stand safety. This collection will ensure you’re well on your way to avoiding as much danger as possible while installing, climbing or descending from, or using a tree stand.

Begin with Treestand Safety and Placement, and learn the proper method for hanging a stand. You’ll also get placement advice for the best hunting. Learn more about how tree stand safety has evolved over the years, as well as how tree stand accidents have changed over time withComprehensive Guide to Treestand Safety.With the 30 Years of Deer and Deer Hunting Collection CD, you actually get six prime tree stand safety articles exploring the results of two tree stand safety surveys.

With the resources included in this collection, you’ll not only learn how tree stand safety has evolved over time, but you’ll also discover best practices for hanging and using tree stands. Your safety is crucial, and this collection will help you ensure you have both a safe and successful hunting season.

Check out this great kit now.