Archery Innovations Bode Well for Economy


By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

We just returned home from what might just be the most encouraging Archery Trade Show
held within the past five or six years. The annual ATA Show, held in Indianapolis,
is a place where retailers, distributors, manufacturers and media members gather in
what is essentially a new-gear unveiling. This is where the bulk of new products are
ordered for bulk shipments to the retail level. The products unveiled at this show
are essentially the “big news items” you will read about in upcoming magazines, mail-order
catalogs and Internet blogs and chat rooms. They typically hit retail shelves a tad
later in the buying season.

I’ve been attending the ATA Show for the past 16 years and must say this year’s crop
of new products is among the most impressive I’ve ever seen. From compound bows to
crossobows, and from broadheads to tree stands, there will be a major influx of cutting-edge
technology incorporated into deer hunting products. The granddaddy of all trade shows
in this industry – the Shooting, Hunting & Oudoor Trade Show – will take place in
Las Vegas next week. That’s where we will see what is on the horizon for guns, ammo,
etc. Until then, here is a sneak peak at some of the items that turned our heads at
the ATA Show. Check back on this blog every day this week, because I will be adding
more each day.

1. Prime Bow by G5. One of the most impressive bows to come along in a while.
Built for bow-hutners who do not possess perfect form, this bow is fast, quiet and
forgiving. Available in shorter (30” Shift) and longer (34” Centroid) versions, it
is a pleasure to shoot.


2. Two broadheads built just for crossbows. The first one is the Freakin’ Outrageous
Cut by New Archery Products. If you are familiar with NAP heads, you would
think this is a Spitfire. It’s not. It is much nastier! The FOC broadhead is a true
beast: 170 grains and an incredible 3-inch cutting diameter.


3. The new Rage broadhead is equally impressive. It features the same rear-deploying
blades of its predecessor, but it offers a solid, compact design and a 1.75-inch cutting


4. The Block Black target by Field Logic. Field Logic long ago perfected the
process of making an archery target that takes a beating yet allows for incredibly
easy arrow removal. All of those features are included in this new target … along
with a color treatment that makes it easier to practice in low-light conditions (i.e.
real hunting conditions). The high-contrast design really helps you concentrate on
shooting form.


5. The Concorde self-cocking crossbow from Parker. This crossbow might revolutionize
the crossbow industry. The Concorde features the patent-pending “Quick Draw System,”
which essentially is a CO2 tank built into the stock. With the push of a button, the
crossbow string comes to full draw and locks. If the shot is not taken, the shooter
can push the button again (along with a few safety measures) and “let down” pneumatically
without firing the bolt. The tanks used are standard tanks used in paintball guns.
One tank is good for 50 cycles. Tanks cost about $20 , but refills are only a couple
dollars each.