ATA 2016: Escape Highlights Seven Newest from Bear Archery

Bear Escape bow, one of seven new bows for 2016 from Bear Archery.

Bear Escape bow, one of seven new bows for 2016 from Bear Archery.

Bear Archery launches 7 new bows for 2016. Adding to its already diverse lineup comes three flagship bows, three bow models that are offered bow only or as an RTH package in prices ranging from $299 – $599. Also included in the lineup is the addition of the Cruzer Lite, which bridges the gap from youth bow to adult bow.

Leading Bear’s 2016 charge is the new Escape bow, which keeps up with Bear’s latest tradition of producing technology forward and high-performing speed bows. The new Escape produces speeds at 350 FPS and comes 32-inch axle to axle with a 6-inch brace height, powered by the H15 Hybrid cams.

Along with the Escape comes one for the ladies, the Escape SD. Similar to the Escape, the Escape SD is dead serious for women who are. The new SD Hybrid cams are scaled and optimized to get every ounce of energy out of the bow at shorter draw lengths. At the 40- to 55-pound draw weight range and the 23-1/2″ – 27-1/20-inch draw lengths, speeds will reach up to 325 fps giving females hunters high-performance, forgiveness and plenty of speed.

Rounding out Bear’s 2016 lineup comes the new BR33, a bow with a personality all its own. It pulls easy and hits hard. The BR33’s 33-1/4″ axle to axle length and 7-inch brace height spell forgiveness. Give this bow a pull and it’s noticeably smooth, but at 330 FPS it’s fast enough for anything that snaps a twig in the woods.

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