ATA 2016: New, Bright Sights from Trophy Ridge

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is one of three new sights for 2016

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is one of three new sights for 2016

New for 2016, Trophy Ridge expands on its popular React series sights with the new React-Pro 7, the React-One Pro and the React V5.

All sights utilize Trophy Ridge’s exclusive React Technology, a sight system so sophisticated that it is mathematically impossible to be inaccurate. Trophy Ridge’s exclusive React Technology accurately predicts what each pin gap will be based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage.

React Pro 7
Sight in out to 80 yards in less than 10 minutes, the new React Pro 7 gives you all the same top-end features as the React Pro, but another 20 yards added to your effective range. Featuring 100% aluminum construction and both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments combined with React® Technology and you have the best option for those confident shooters that like to shoot out to 80 yards.

React-One Pro
The all-new React One Pro from Trophy Ridge combines the advantages of React Technology with the ultra-precise adjustments of a one pin slider style sight. The slider design allows for exact yardage adjustments for maximum accuracy. Lighter weight, faster adjustments and brighter fiber optic yardage indicators make this the most lethal React-One yet!

Combine these features with React Technology which allows you to be dialed in out to 100 yards in less than 10 minutes and you have a sight that delivers lethal accuracy in the field and on the range.

React V5
Two killer technologies hunting as one, introducing the all-new React V5 combining two of Trophy Ridge’s exclusive technologies; Vertical In-Line Pins and React Technology. Trophy Ridge’s Vertical In-Line Pins give you the sight picture of a single pin with the reliability of a 5-pin, while React Technology gives you the advantage of sighting in out to 60 yards in in less than ten minutes. Two lethal technologies in one lightweight and reliable package, the React V5 is designed for the hunt.

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