ATA 2016: New Deer Hunting Ground Blind Design Solves Bothersome Problem

Ameristep Haven ground blind2

Not all ground-blinds adhere to conformist design principals – some are just different, and others are simply better. The best-of-the-best – like the new Ameristep Haven Blind – are both. You see, Ameristep engineers have a reputation for designing the most intuitive ground blinds, and this standup performer is a significant example of their passion for perfection.

Drawing and shooting a bow while standing is nearly impossible from most ground blinds, yet is standard operating procedure from the Ameristep Haven. At an astounding 7 feet tall, the Haven allows even the tallest hunters to stand, draw and deliver an arrow on target in total concealment.

Ameristep Haven ground blind3

The Ameristep Haven’s innovative, offset steel cable hub design makes it possible, placing wall hubs slightly below center to allow for larger upper panels and windows. The Haven’s roof hub utilizes Ameristep’s indestructible Spider Hub design, which utilizes a stamped steel hub in place of the cast metal designs that are prone to breakage. A ground-blind of these proportions must be exceptionally stout, and the Haven’s internal support system maintains absolute structural integrity, even when Mother Nature is at her worst.

Towering vertical dimensions aside, this innovative blind has an equally impressive 59” x 59” footprint, making it ideal for concealing multiple hunters.  Whether hunting with a partner, a videographer or kids, the all-new Haven is extraordinarily spacious.

Ameristep Haven Blind Key Features

  • Seven-foot height allows for standing bow shots
  • Two rows of brush loops for adding local foliage
  • Durashell Plus fabric shell
  • Split window curtain system for optimal viewing configurations
  • Shoot through mesh windows
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage pattern
  • Backpack carrying case, stakes and tie down straps included

Ameristep Haven Blind Specifications

  • Model # 1RX3H094FR (Canadian Compliant)
  • UPC: 76952491481-0
  • Footprint: 59” X 59”
  • Height: 84”
  • Shooting Width: 75”
  • Weight (lbs): 17.5
  • MSRP: $219.99

Despite its size, the Haven gives hunters unprecedented options for making it virtually vanish in even wide-open settings. Two rows of sewn-in brush loops allow for full supplemental concealment utilizing nearby vegetation, while Ameristep’s Edge Re-Leaf three-dimensional camo cascades from the roof corners down the frame to help break up the blind’s outline. The Haven’s outer shell is made of stealthy Durashell Plus fabric – a soft, subdued, woven polyester that doesn’t reflect, but instead maximizes the effectiveness off its Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage pattern.

Functional details continue throughout the Ameristep Haven’s interior. The innovative split window curtain system with shoot-through mesh is adjustable to accommodate every vantage point, standing or sitting. The flexible design lets the hunter easily configure the blind for youth hunters as well as their adult-sized mentor, as the split curtains can be opened on top, on bottom, or entirely. Hunters standing or seated inside disappear against the Haven’s black ShadowGuard interior coating.


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