ATA 2017: Gold Tip Introduces Four-Fletch Arrow

Gold Tip, maker of the toughest arrows and crossbow bolts on the market, launches the new Velocity Valkyrie four-fletch arrow.

Gold Tip Valkyrie Four Fletch LG

Gold Tip Valkyrie Four Fletch LG

The new Velocity Valkyrie comes factory fletched with aggressive graphics, lightweight construction and four low-profile vanes for added surface area without sacrificing clearance or speed. This configuration produces more back-end drag, faster stabilization, and group size reductions of 20- to 75 percent with broadheads.

“Experienced shooters know that four vanes give you increased stability, faster stabilization, and tighter groupings,” said Gold Tip Senior Product Manager Jason Harris. “Add to that Gold Tip’s 100 percent Pure Carbon technology for unmatched straightness retention and toughness, and you get the Valkyrie. It’s screaming speed with four-fletch accuracy.”

Velocity Valkyrie arrows feature the lightweight Velocity shaft with .003” straightness and +/- .5 grain weight tolerances. They are offered in five arrow spines, including 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600.

Plus, the Valkyrie four-fletch configuration is also now available in Hunter Pro, Velocity Pro, Kinetic Kaos, and Kinetic Pierce Platinum series for dealers.

In addition, Gold Tip will also showcase the brand new Pierce Tour shaft. The Pierce Tour is specifically engineered for outstanding performance in field archery conditions where long distances rule and unpredictable winds abound. This small diameter arrow made with Gold Tip’s 100 percent Pure Carbon Technology resists wind drift and provides unmatched straightness retention. That means accurate shots that work in your favor even when the weather doesn’t.

Gold Tip is a Vista Outdoor brand and one of the most recognizable and trusted names in tournament archery and in bowhunting. For more information, visit


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