Benoits Reveal New Big-Buck Tips

Deer hunting is about tradition, plain and simple. It’s about family, sharing time together and uniting with a common goal: a successful hunt.  

Whatever your hunting traditions are, we invite you to share in those of the Benoit family from Maine. If you’re into deer hunting, chances are you’ve heard the family’s name before. Larry, his sons, Lane, Lanny, Shane, and their sons are a three-generation team of master hunters who take to the woods each fall and emerge with monsterous bucks.

To do this consistently takes skill and a strong work ethic, both of which the Benoits have an abundance of. Their method is simple: read the signs, interpret them correctly and follow the tracks of the buck. It’s all explained in Big Bucks the Benoit Way, a new book from Krause Publications.

Author Bryce Towsley follows the Benoits on one of their hunts and in a fast-paced style insightfully narrates the thoughts and techniques that have made the family so well-known. Big Bucks the Benoit Way can be read as a how-to manual, a great hunting story or just for the sheer joy of it.

Full of colorful pictures, fascinating anecdotes and the wisdom of generations, this is a book you’ll have a hard time putting down.

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