Best Apparel for 2015: Mossy Oak Debuts New Break-Up Country

Remember those days when our camouflage was an olive drab Army jacket or something brown with black Sharpie scribbles, or just good ol’ red-and-black checkerboard wool?

If you’re of a certain age then yeah, you remember those days. And if you’re of a certain age you remember when a guy started a company that offered camouflage clothing. Hunters said, “Whaaaa?” and then bought it. And then another company did it, and another, and before long we had companies making camouflage with leaves, twigs, sticks, limbs, and more in the color of dirt, sand, snow and dirty sandy snow.

(Just kidding on that last one. But DirtySandySnowFlage might sell. Someone trademark it!)

Mossy Oak BreakUp Country camouflage is the newest pattern from the Mississippi-based company.

Mossy Oak BreakUp Country camouflage is the newest pattern from the Mississippi-based company.

Back in 1986 a guy in Mississippi named Toxey Haas founded Mossy Oak and nudged his way into the hunting market. Mossy Oak camouflage became a hit, and still is almost 30 years later. Product licensing is a big revenue-generator today, but it still takes new camouflage patterns that resonate with hunters and work in the field to keep the big machine churning.

Take a look at the press release below about Mossy Oak’s newest camouflage pattern, Break-Up Country, which was revealed today at the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis:

Mossy Oak, the industry leader in camouflage design, introduces its newest pattern, Break-Up COUNTRY.

Using dramatically larger limbs, leaves, bark, branches and other digitally enhanced natural elements, new Break-Up COUNTRY annihilates your outline and fuses you with the terrain like no pattern that has come before it – at any distance, anywhere across the country.

“At Mossy Oak, we make our living by bringing you the most effective camouflage patterns ever made,” said Ben Maki, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “We always focus on extensive in-field design and testing so that when we bring you a pattern with the Mossy Oak name on it, you can be assured it’s going to work. “

For 2015, our extensive field testing has resulted in the development of a revolutionary pattern that can truly be effective no matter where, or when, you hunt in our great country. We built the pattern featuring a variety of elements found throughout North America and designed it with an equal focus on blending in and breaking up your outline. In addition, our elements are true to nature’s size and provide the perfect amount of depth and shadowing, which make the pattern adaptable to a number of hunting situations and light periods throughout the day.

Mossy Oak Break-Up COUNTRY combines digitally enhanced, life-sized natural elements with the perfect color tones to help you blend in and shadowing elements that truly break up your outline like no other pattern available today. So, no matter where you hunt, becoming a part of your surroundings won’t be a problem anywhere across the COUNTRY.

“We share your love of the outdoors, your passion for stewardship and your obsession with hunting,” said Toxey Haas, Founder and CEO. “Our connection to the land and the critters that live on it is what gives us our sense of place in this world. If you wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude and can’t wait to set foot on your land, listen to a turkey gobble, check a trail camera or climb a tree stand, then Break-Up COUNTRY is for you.”