Best Apparel for 2015: Scent-Lok Re-Engineers Windproof Fleece System

Every deer hunter wants to be warm, quiet and as odor-free as possible when in the woods, whether it’s a chilly morning in early season or frigid conditions late in winter when you have one final shot to fill a tag.

One of the key things about staying warm, quiet and odor-free is not being bulky. Having to put on multiple layers of clothing or a few thick layers just isn’t fun. So to get something that works, is lightweight, thin and offers good range of movement, well, that’s a pretty daunting request.

Scent-Lok has tried to fill that need with its new Covert windproof fleece system, which debuted at the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis. Take a look below at the info from Scent-Lok about it:

ScentLok's new Covert windproof fleece system

ScentLok’s new Covert windproof fleece system

Scent-Lok announces a new windproof fleece system that will change the way hunters approach cold weather conditions. When it came to fleece apparel in the industry it was obvious consumers needed something new and innovative to meet their needs.

So Scent-Lok took its more than two decades of experience and knowledge of fabrics and went back to the drawing board. What it came away with was a warm, versatile and deadly quiet garment in the Covert Deluxe Windproof Fleece System.

Where the Covert really stands alone in the world of cold weather clothing is its warmth and defense against the wind. As every die-harder knows, thick bulky fabrics aren’t an option when your season is on the line and you’re faced with cold windy conditions. By implementing its ultra-quiet windproof technology fused within the fabric, Scent-Lok was able to avoid bulk and still deliver ultimate warmth and comfort.

The back of the Covert jacket is duel-paneled with stretchable softshell to repel moisture and give a full 360 degree range of motion. Aggressive underarm softshell gussets deliver unmatched form, fit and function even with multiple layers. Telescoping thumbhole cuffs help to lock in scent and create a comfortable transition from sleeve to glove without unwanted bulk, providing an unparalleled fit for wrist-strap release users. Scent-Lok extended the tail of the jacket to offer another layer of defense against drafts and cold treestand seats.

The pants bring the Covert system together with removable lightweight suspenders coupled with a gripper waist to keep them up and the wind out without the weight and bulk of excess fabric. Large angled pockets offer ample gear storage and easy access from a sitting position even with gloves on. Scent-Lok duel-paneled the legs from the knee down with durable softshell fabric to eliminate the issue of burs and briars that plague fleece products. Extra-tall leg zippers make dressing in the field easier than ever before.

Scent-Lok completes the package with its patented Carbon Alloy technology that has been tested superior. Carbon Alloy combines the unmatched power of activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite that has been proven to block up to 99.8 percent of tested odors and have a capacity of up to 24x the competition. This powerful technology is forged inside an extremely warm, durable, quiet windproof membrane and fabric that will make you proven deadly like never before.

Scent-Lok Covert Windproof Fleece Jacket

  • comfortable and extremely quiet windproof fleece
  • Large side access pockets to keep gear close even under a safety harness
  • telescoping cuff for comfort and warmth
  • dual stretch paneled back for extreme performance in varying weather conditions
  • large underarm gussets and articulated elbows for versatility and full range of motion
  • safety harness access opening
  • extended coattail to keep wind out and warmth in
  • Carbon Alloy technology for unmatched odor control

Scent-Lok Covert Windproof Fleece Pant

  • comfortable and extremely quiet windproof fleece
  • removable suspenders with adjusters
  • softshell yoked back
  • dual fabric pant legs for performance and comfort
  • six pockets to keep gear close
  • high rise leg zippers for easy dressing in the field
  • Carbon Alloy technology for unmatched odor control