Best Deer Gear for 2015: Complete Scent System from Dead Down Wind

When it comes to taking care of odors, having a complete system probably is the best way to ensure you’ve done everything possible for scent management.

Dead Down Wind spraying hatSome guys don’t care and some are fanatics. I recently heard about a guy in the Midwest who, no matter who the guests were at his camp, would wash their clothing in scent-free detergent, dry it, hose it down outside with scent-killing spray, have all their gear outdoors, boots, the works … and then drop them off to literally “step on the ladder” at their stand so they wouldn’t walk on the ground or touch any vegetation. I don’t know what kind of deer they killed but he was, obviously, a fanatic about scent control.

You can be that way, too, if you choose to do so. Dead Down Wind offers a lineup of great products that can help you manage and control odors. From mouth spray, anti-perspirant, toothpaste, hair and body wash and laundry detergent to some cool new products, you’ll be able to create your own personal scent-control system to suit your needs.

Check out some of the new products from Dead Down Wind introduced at the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis:

DDW Anti-Chafe + Anti-ItchAnti-Chafe + Anti-Itch is a perfect solution for hunters, hikers, runners or anyone who encounters friction and blisters. This odorless, water resistant formula won’t sweat off, and it won’t cake or dry out your skin. This would be super for those early season bowhunts when you need to walk in a good ways and can get sweaty feet or around the armpits.

Deer, Turkey and Predator Hunting Kit is a 9-piece compilation of biodegradable products that have no harsh chemicals or biocides. You’ll get an 8-ounce laundry detergent, Ambush 5-color face paint wheel, 12-ounce Evolve 3D+ field spray, Pac-It refills for the field spray (2x), bar soap with a travel container, 28g wind checker and 30 SPF lip balm. Whether you’re hunting deer, turkeys or predators, control your scent to avoid being busted.

DDW All Purpose ScentPrevent Storage BagThe All-Purpose ScentPrevent Storage Bag is designed in a generous 33 x 24 size that is large enough to store even the bulkiest late-season hunting clothes. The bag also can be used to store boots and waders, so if you have some really smelly dogs or don’t want your boots to be tained by anything in the vehicle, camp house or garage, keep them in the bag. It has a rugged, water-resistant construction with sealing zippers, large main clothing/gear pocket and a smaller exterior pocket.