Best Idea for Binoculars Pays Off In the Deer Stand or Stalking

Vero Vellini BinoPal binocular harnessYears ago when I saw the first binocular harness my first thought was something akin to “What a gimmicky idea” because it just looked kinda goofy and gimmicky.

Duh. Sometimes I guess we have to get hit with the Smart Stick before realizing something does work well and is helpful. That’s what the binocular harness does. It works well, and is helpful, and deer hunters should have and use one.

A binocular strap works, of course. You affix it to the binocular, toss it over your head and go. But it can swing around. When you bend over it hangs down. If you’re climbing a ladder stand it can clank the metal rungs or stand. That’s not good.

A harness, like the Vero Vellini model above, keeps the binocular snug and secure against your chest. Just slip both arms through, adjust for comfort and you’re good to go. Your binocular is right there at your chest and you just grasp, lift and then drop. Inside or outside of a jacket or safety harness, too.

Sometimes the simple things work best. Check it out.

— Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor