Big Buck Hunters Know When to Shift for Hot Rut Strategies

Bankhead NF muzzleloader hunt AlabamaBecoming more knowledgeable about the various phases of the white-tailed deer rut is one of the most enjoyable and challenging things deer hunters can do.

While many hunters believe “the rut” is the exciting chasing and breeding period, the actual rut is a months-long process. Learning more about these fascinating, unique phases and how to improve your hunting strategies during them can help you succeed with a bow, crossbow or gun throughout the season.

Knowing where to hang stands, when to move them, what bucks and does will be doing, why they’re doing those things, and how to hunt the post-breeding period, among other things, are critical to success. If you hang a stand in late summer where you’ve seen deer and then sit there for two, three months without any success, maybe something’s wrong? Yep. Maybe you should shift gears based on knowledge rather than “that’s where I saw them months ago.”

Southern Rut Hunter Value Pack

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Unlike northern states, though, the rut in the southern part of the United States isn’t as acutely defined. A variety of factors creates different periods of seeking, chasing and breeding, so while a hunter might be watching bucks doggin’ does in Kentucky or central Tennessee in early December, down in central Alabama or southern Mississippi things haven’t heated up to that point yet.

That’s why the Southern Rut Hunter’s Value Pack is such an awesome collection. In this exclusive compilation you’ll find two deer calls, offering you a variety of sounds that will bring the deer. The DUEL Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call features an anatomically accurate design, allowing for the production of a versatile range of sounds that will keep the big bucks coming. Get easy calling with the Super Hot Ma-Mah, and gain access to four whitetail deer breeding calls that are backed by science and proven in the field.

“As another whitetail season winds down in the North, things are just beginning to heat up down South, and the Southern Rut Hunter’s Value Pack is an excellent resource for getting the most out of your season when it does,” said Gordy Krahn, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting. First and foremost, you need to know the optimal times to hunt your region, and the 2014 Southern Rut Forecast will provide a state-by-state breakdown. Add a couple of calls, a whitetail calendar and Steve Bartyla’s new book Big Buck Secrets and you’re about as ready as you’re going to get.”

In addition to these two prime deer calls, you also get three indispensable resources that will help you take on the Southern rut. The 2014 Deer & Deer Hunting Southern Whitetail Rut Forecast is created with years of research by Dr. Steve Demarais, Jeremy Flinn and Dr. Bronson Strickland, as well as lunar rut research by Charles Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche.

Take a peek at next year’s rut with the 2015 Whitetail Lunar Wall Calendar, one of our most popular resources! Plus, discover what it takes to bag your biggest bucks ever with Steve Bartylla’s Big Buck Secrets, and push yourself to the limit.

With The Southern Rut Hunter’s Value Pack, get all the resources and gear you need to ensure a successful rut this year—call ’em close and take ’em down!