Big Buck Secrets is Packed with Great Deer Hunting Insight

Steve Bartylla's Big Buck Secrets provides years of knowledge, experience and great insights about scouting, hunting and killing big bucks.

Steve Bartylla’s Big Buck Secrets provides years of knowledge, experience and great insights about scouting, hunting and killing big bucks.

While there is a wealth of available knowledge on hunting trophy bucks, very little of this information actually comes from someone who hunts in the same places, or even the same conditions, as their audience.

Big Buck Secrets with Steve BartyllaBecause of this disparity, it often becomes unrealistic to follow this type of how-to information, as little of it relates to real-world hunting situations. With Big Buck Secrets by Steve Bartylla, get the buck-hunting advice you need from an experienced author who draws from his years of successful do-it-yourself hunting for trophy whitetails.

Solidly grounded in Bartylla’s wealth of experience, this buck hunting guide seeks to help real-world hunters take their craft to the next level. Chapters include comprehensive instruction on everything from scouting new hunting areas – including public land, to calling strategies, hunting during the rut, understanding mature buck behavior, aggressive and creative techniques, and more – all aimed to help you bag the biggest buck of your life.

“Big Buck Secrets is really the third part of a three-part book series that cover my entire approach to chasing mature bucks on private and public hunting grounds,” Bartylla says. “As one should expect from a series, Big Buck Secrets is the crown jewel, going deeper into the hunting tactics I use than anything else I’ve ever written.

It contains what truly are cutting edge tactics on such things as patterning mature bucks during the rut, something that’s long been considered impossible, and how to determine which doe bedding areas to hunt during the various stages of the breeding phase of season. Along with delving deeply into mature buck behaviors that can be capitalized on by hunters, it also breaks down the hunts of many of the largest bucks I’ve killed, including detailed maps of the area, including stand location, access route, where the buck came from and why.

“All that combined with the written dissection of how I hunted each buck provides case studies that offer deep insights into how I achieve success. In short, though I’m proud of every article and book I’ve ever written, I’m confident that this is the best work I’ve ever done, and that it will show in readers’ increased success rates.”

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