Biodegradable Bolt Makes Unloading a Crossbow Easy

TenPoint Crossbows has a solution to one of the aggravating things about unloading a cocked crossbow: the need to carry a spare bolt to shoot when you’re finished hunting.

CUBLargeIt’s not a major issue, of course. You can add an extra bolt to your quiver and then fire it into the ground, retrieve it and be done. But some hunters shoot carbon bolts or don’t want to take up a spot in the quiver with a throwaway.

If you’re hunting in an area with a lot of rocks, too, even a throwaway may smack a rock and not be usable again. I did this earlier this season with an old aluminum bolt, hit a rock under what I thought was dirt and was left with half of a mangled bolt.

TenPoint has some nifty “CUB” bolts for hunters to use and you don’t have to worry a lick about ’em once you shoot. CUB stands for Crossbow Unloading Bolt. They come six to a package.

The bolts come in two pieces that snap together, so you can put a couple in your hunting pack or BDU pocket without taking up much space. They weigh enough to mimic a regular bolt, so there’s no worry about a problem firing your crossbow. The CUB also has just two vanes, so you can put it on the crossbow rail against the bow string and be ready to fire. They’re biodegradable, too.

They’re not to be fired at people or animals, though. Don’t mistake “biodegradable” with flimsy or non-dangerous. These could severely injure or kill someone. Be smart, as with any hunting weapon, and only discharge into the ground or other safe target. Check ’em out here.

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GlenDel decoyDeer season may be in full swing, but you’ll be thinking about off-season practice and next season before too long. That’s why you need a great target. The Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut deer with vitals provides great durability and long-lasting use, with super features:

* A four-sided vital area surrounded by a self-healing surface
* Vital shooting area includes markings for horizontal, vertical, treestand and quartering shots so you’ll be on target from any direction
* The H-Back Compression Lever lifts, allowing allowing you to rotate, reposition or replace the target core
* Handles practice points and fixed or expandable broadheads, including crossbow bolts
* Includes rebar rods for easy setupA replacement “vitals” also is available so you can get years of use from the target. Even better, it’s on sale! Get yours here now!