Blazing Speeds in a Compact, Durable Game Camera

Deer hunters using trail cameras typically want a few things: reliability, durability, and in many cases a small, compact camera that won’t easily be seen by others when it’s strapped to a tree or post.

BTC5Concealment from trespassers or poachers is a good thing, of course, but minimizing the impact to deer or predators also has benefits. They less an animal sees (flash, for example) or hears (anything clicking, flicking or making noise), the better for them and us.

Browning Trail Cameras introduced its lineup in 2013 with fast cameras priced at less than $400. They’re gaining traction among hunters, and this year BTC has some new cameras. Check out the press release below about them:

Browning Trail Cameras is introducing the smallest and most durable series of trail cameras the industry has ever seen. The new Strike Force and Dark Ops trail cameras measure only 4.3″x3.8″x2.4″ making them so small, they are virtually undetectable by animal or human eyes.

Each camera is conveniently powered by six (6) AA batteries, sets-up easily, and features time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID on the data strip of every image.

Straight out of the box, this series of Browning Trail Cameras will provide unparalleled performance with trigger speeds of .67 seconds, recovery times of 2.1 seconds, and power efficiency that allows the cameras to capture more than 10,000 images. When it comes to infrared images, the auto-adjusting illumination feature prevents overexposed images in nighttime photos and videos while the extended illumination feature brightens the entire field of view and eliminates dark edges.

Suggested Retail Price:
Browning Strike Force Trail Camera – $139.99
Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera – $159.99

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