Live from SHOT 2014: Bone Bracket Makes Mounting Antlers Easier

Bone Bracket

The new Bone Bracket mounting system from Skull Hooker

Have some deer antlers lying around that you’ve thought about mounting, but maybe in a nontraditional way?

SkullHooker’s new Bone Bracket mounting system is pretty cool because you don’t have to have the entire skull or other traditional mount sizes. All you need is the skull plate, with antlers still attached, of course, to use the Bone Bracket and have a nice mount.

The Bone Bracket comes in two sizes, Little Hooker and Big Hooker, and both are adjustable on a rotating swing arm. All you have to do is mount the wall plate, screw the skull plate to the mounting base, and then hang it on the swing arm on the wall plate.

Another cool thing is the Bone Bracket is just $19.99, which is nice. Visit for more info.

This new SkullHooker bracket will be in soon. The original Big Hooker European Skull Mount in Graphite Black and the Big Hooker European Skull Mount in Robust Brown are in the store now.

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