Can Your Bowhunting Archery Release Do This?

If only your release could have turned a smidge of a bit to let you get that shot on the buck … a shot that wasn’t a bad angle but you just had to stretch a tad more to the left.

Tru-Fire Hardcore Revolution 4 releasePoof. Gone. A shot you could have made, but your release didn’t give you the assist.

Tru-Fire’s new Hardcore 4 Revolution may help. It’s a four-finger release with a pivoting head. Kinda cool if you like these.

Check out this press release from Tru-Fire:

Utilizing the technology from the popular Hardcore 4 Finger release, Tru-Fire has taken the hand-held market to an all-new level with the new Hardcore 4 Revolution four-finger release.

Most significantly, the Hardcore 4 Revolution boasts a full 360 degrees of head rotation, allowing for user customization and ambidextrous use.

The new Hardcore 4 Revolution utilizes 11 hardened steel ball bearings inside the aluminum-alloy body to ensure smooth rotation of the head, and the head can be locked into place at any point by turning a small setscrew. The head also features a heat-treated and chromed loop jaw that is spring loaded to return to position as soon as the thumb is off the trigger. A thin spring-steel loop retainer ensures the release remains attached to the string loop, but it can also be removed.

The trigger position on the Hardcore 4 Revolution is adjustable, as the steel thumb-trigger knob can be located in any of the 16 different positions on the hardened-steel trigger bar. The trigger tension can be fine-tuned as well via its adjustment screw. Each release is strength tested to hold weight in excess of 200 pounds.

The Hardcore 4 Revolution release will be available at retailers in either Realtree camo or black hard-coat anodizing-including a removable para-cord-style lanyard attached-and will have a suggested retail price of $169.99.