Carbon Express F-15: Deadly as Advertised

by Jacob Edson, Deer & Deer Hunting managing editor


Last winter, Carbon Express provided writers attending its media event with prototypes
of the company’s new F-15 fixed-blade broadheads. I’ve been itching to try them ever

Simply put, they look NASTY. The broadheads feature a unique design with dual, side-by-side
“bleeder” blades. In total, the head features six cutting edges to create a large
wound and a skin flap that will not re-seal no matter how tight the skin and muscle
is drawn.

Like any new broadhead, I tested them on the range first. I found no noticeable change
in point of impact. However, I waited to use them in the field until Sunday, Dec.
27. With only a week remaining in Wisconsin’s bowseason, I decided I had better put
the F-15s in my quiver.

It was as picturesque of a winter doe hunt as anyone could ask for. An inch of downy
snow coated the woods and each whisper of wind brought a fresh puff of it drifting
through the air. A cardinal kept me company as I waited.

With 15 minutes of shooting light remaining, a doe and her fawn appeared from some
pines along a a small spring 20 yards to my left. The doe sensed my draw, but by the
time she looked up I already had the pin settled.

The 18-yard poke was as chip-shot as you can get with whitetails in the real world,
and the F-15 provided a blood trail in the snow that I could follow from my stand.
I found the doe 40 yards into the spruce grove she had emerged from. As advertised,
both the entry and exit hole remained wide open along the doe’s short trail.

F-15 broadheads are available in a one-piece fixed blade model, and an expandable
version. The 100-grain fixed blade model features a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. The
100 grain expandable features four parallel expandable blades with a cutting diameter
of 1 3/8 inches. Both broadheads feature an aggressive cut-on-contact design.

If you haven’t seen them already, I recommend checking them out next season.

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