Carry Your Modern Sporting Rifle Discretely, Safely

BLACKHAWK! Diversion bags give you some peace of mind during travel with your modern sporting rifle or AR rifle.

BLACKHAWK! Diversion bags give you some peace of mind during travel with your modern sporting rifle or AR rifle.

With the popularity of modern sporting rifles and AR rifles among competitive shooters, recreational shooters and deer hunters, some folks want to be less conspicuous when traveling with them from home to the range or hunting area.

Traditional carrying cases can be dead giveaways to would-be thieves who might break into a vehicle or your home. Likewise, nosy busybodies who spy a case in a vehicle (nosy, remember?) or when you’re out ‘n about town might get their panties in a wad about some “evil” gun owner. So, discretion can be a good thing.

Check out this review by Elwood Shelton about these gun cases that, well, don’t look anything like a gun case!

By Elwood Shelton

Firearms transportation can be tricky, even more so in a discreet manner.

BLACKHAWK!, however, has made getting your gun from point A to point B less of a hassle. The shooting and tactical gear manufacturer has introduced an inconspicuous option for moving around your firearms, even in the most delicate situations.

BLACKHAWK! Diversion bags barely raise an eyebrow, mimicking everyday backpacks and bags. The full line of customized bags and packs prevent drawing unwanted attention, giving gun owners low-profile weapons storage, retention and transportation capabilities.

The Racquet Bag, Workout Bag, Range Bag, Courier Bag, Carry Sling Pack, Carry Backpack, and Board Pack use common color schemes and popular designs that enable secure and safe transportation. The luggage keeps firearms hidden in plain sight.

Discreet and Convenient
When the situation dictates off-body carry, quick and easy access to a firearm is essential. With the Diversion Carry Sling Pack and Diversion Carry Backpack, access is only a zip away. Both packs offer lockable, two-way zippers and come with a Universal Holster for optimal firearm placement. These small packs can accommodate just about any handgun from a J-frame to a full-size Beretta 92.

Everyday Look with Intelligent Options
The Diversion Range Bag and Courier Bag offer a wide variety of options for carrying range supplies and personal protection needs. The Range Bag appears as a common gym bag but features two hidden handgun compartments and two pockets for magazines or gun cleaning supplies. A side compartment conveniently opens to provide a gun rug for cleaning and maintenance.

The Courier Bag’s customizable front pocket allows for multiple configurations, including storage of four AR-15 mags and a single pistol mag or four M14 magazines. A pass-through zipper in the lid gives quick access to the main compartment, which contains numerous loops and pockets for accessories, radios and additional pistol mags. The hidden handgun compartment provides ambidextrous access for added versatility.

Casual, but Concealed
At just the right length, the Diversion Racquet Bag, Diversion Workout Bag and Diversion Board Pack allow discreet rifle storage and transportation. Accommodating rifles up to 29 inches in length or AR platforms separated into upper and lower receivers, these bags blend into the surroundings without drawing unwanted attention.

The Racquet Bag’s padded outer walls prevent printing while internal dividers provide protection for the rifle. With an interior lined in S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing and internal divider, the Board Pack allows for attaching holsters, pouches and accessories next to a rifle for quick access. The Workout Bag’s ingenious design features internal loop sections for additional hook-back pouches, holster and accessories. The main compartment extends into end pockets for carrying multiple firearms or separate upper and lower receivers.