Combo Cut Gives Turkey Callers More Options

TURKEY  Zink call hunter

Turkey hunters usually carry a host of different calls in their well stocked vests, but may rely on just a couple of them for the bulk of their calling. For the very best turkey callers, at least one of these will undoubtedly be a mouth call. Why? Because this versatile style of call can reproduce the most realistic and diverse hen turkey vocalizations one will hear throughout an entire turkey hunting season.

Zink Calls’ line of Z-mouth calls feature traditional cuts and reeds that have earned the trust of turkey hunters everywhere. The latest addition –  Zink’s new Z-Combo Mouth Call – is an innovative two-reed version of the popular “combo-cut” design favored by many hunters, which is half “cutter” and half “split V”.

TURKEY  Zink callZink’s all-new Z-Combo belts out super-realistic yelps with just the right amount of high front-end and smoky back-end rasp. Amazingly, Zink has made that possible in a two-reed configuration, which not only makes the call easier to use, but provides additional versatility as well.

Want to send a shiver up that trophy longbeard’s spine and make him go into a gobbling frenzy? The Z-Combo yelps with a lifelike tonal range that will have those big studs waltzing into yourAvian-X LCD Turkey Decoys without hesitation.

Hand-made in the USA, the call features thinner reed material to combine an easy-to-blow two-reed design with the tried and true half cutter/half split V “combo-cut” favored by so many hunters. The result? You won’t find another mouth call that sounds this good with such little effort.

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