The Coolest Tool You Need for Cleaning Your Deer

Whether you have a new camp that still needs some setup, are roughing it in a truck camp in the woods for a weekend or need a hand around the house, it’s not a stretch to say that cleaning a deer can be a chore sometimes.

Viking KwikHoistSome hunters are good with gutting and cutting up a deer on the ground. Others have an easier time when a deer is hanging, and that’s where the new Viking KwikHoist makes life easier.

“I’ve hunted solo for most of my life, and I’ve always struggled with hanging a deer by myself,” said Dan Schmidt, Editor in Chief for Deer & Deer Hunting. “This ingenious product has solved that problem. It’s lightweight and super easy to use, plus it’s portable. The KwikHoist now goes with me wherever I hunt.”

The KwikHoist easily attaches to almost any tree or pole. Just wrap the strong, durable chain around the tree or pole, then slide it into the included bracket. Pull down on the lower boom to cinch the KwikHoist and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have a cleaning station on your property, you could set up the KwikHoist and leave it through the season. Then take it down and store it until next year. It weighs just 17.5 pounds so it’s easy to transport.

Included with the KwikHoist is a ratchet-style winch and cable with a hook for attaching your gambrel. After getting it attached to the tree, set up your gambrel and crank your animal up to the desired height. The height of the boom is directly related to how high the KwikHoist is attached, which can easily be adjusting by unhooking and reattaching the chain.

It has a 300-pound weight capacity, machined pulleys that help eliminate binding, and a tough powder-coat finish.

See it here now!

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