Dan’s Pick of the Week: Manzella Gloves

Click to get a pair for yourself D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s quest for the ultimate hunting gloves is over. Here’s why Manzella Gloves took the title:

"Finally, gloves built for deer hunters. I stumbled upon this company a few years ago at the SHOT Show. I wound up bringing home a pair of the Manzella Outback gloves.

"My search for the ultimate glove was over. I no longer needed to wear mismatched gloves while hunting, because the ‘shooting hand’ glove is form-fitting and warm enough to wear in freezing conditions.

"The best part is they aren’t super expensive. This allows me to have an extra pair tucked away in my fanny pack just in case I misplace a glove or drop one from the tree stand."

Are they really that great? Click here to find out for yourself.

One thought on “Dan’s Pick of the Week: Manzella Gloves

  1. jon

    I might give those a try,im tired of having 2 or 3 pair of cheapy’s …those look like some quality gloves..like the mechanics gloves but in camo. Thanks for passing along the bargains!

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