DDH Pick of the Day: Stretchback Grunter Value Pack

Master the art of calling bucks with the Deer Calling and Grunting Kit! Bring in the most deer with the included buck grunt call, and utilize five prime calling resources to perfect your call and take your deer communication skills to the next level.

Duel Stretchback GruntThe Stretchback Grunt Call from DUEL Game Calls features the patented Dual Chamber Technology™, which allows the call to project sound through two separate chambers, emulating the oral and nasal cavities through which sound is produced by real animals. Because of the anatomically accurate design of this call, and therefore the vocally realistic sound it produces, you’ll be able to not only produce a versatile range of sounds, but also bring in the most deer.

Also included in this exclusive collection is the Rattling and Calling Secrets online course from Robert Zaglin, which explored all of the techniques you should learn for calling in big bucks. With this download, discover rattling and calling techniques that really work.

Expand your deer calling knowledge with three DDH TV episode downloads: “Whitetail Vocalization and the Art of Calling,” “Whitetail Trickery – Decoys and Calling,” and “Deer Communication.” Among all three, learn advanced calling tactics that will bring in the big bucks, the common mistakes of calling, and how to understand the language of the whitetail in order to make yourself a better caller.

In addition to these prime calling resources, also included is an exclusive download, How to Use Deer Calls, which is a complete guide to using grunts, bleats and other calls. With this invaluable resource, get the guidance you need to successfully use the included Stretchback Grunt Call, and keep the big bucks coming.

With the Stretchback Grunt Call and five informative deer calling resources included in the Deer Calling and Grunting Kit, you’ll be well on your way to not only communicating with deer, but bringing them in close to make this hunting season a successful one.

Get yours today!