Do You Know the Best Way to Sharpen a Knife?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter, outdoorsman, knife enthusiast, collector or even an experienced survivalist or do-it-yourselfer, learning the basics of knife sharpening often takes a backseat to more pressing matters.



It’s a question on everyone’s mind — what’s the fastest, easiest way for me to sharpen a knife, and what’s the best sharpener on the market? Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer, but through researched and developed, step-by-step articles on knife sharpening, we’ve made it easy for anyone to learn the basics, and even some of the more involved methods of honing blades.

The “Sharpen A Knife & Care For A Collection” digital download is an easy-to-navigate, read and enjoy eBook.  This digital guide is a PDF file you download and access with any home computer, lap top or digital device with the Adobe Reader program installed. In this guide you’ll find 11 chapters covering various facets of knife care and sharpening, written by noted knife industry experts, including Dexter Ewing, Durwood Hollis and James Morgan Ayres.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s one of the oldest methods of honing a blade bevel, the most traditional, conjuring up images of ancestors, grandparents, even Japanese bladesmiths working edges on whetstones or oilstones, fingers blackened from the grit. Stone remains a popular sharpening medium. It might not be the Stone Age, but you would hardly know it by perusing the rock-hard offerings of knife or knife sharpener and accessory companies.

Unlike traditional stones bought for pennies apiece at the old hardware store, the Smith’s 2-Stone Sharpening Kit ( comes with a 5-inch, medium-grit stone, a 4-inch fine Arkansas stone, honing solution and a sharpening guide. The medium-grit stone, meant for quickly setting an edge, comes mounted on a molded-plastic base that features a built-in storage area at the bottom for holding the fine Arkansas stone, the latter of which is ideal for finishing or polishing an edge.

“It is everything you need to put a razor-sharp edge on your large or small knives and tools,” Richard Smith says. “The neat thing about this kit is that, although you get two stones, they only take up the space of one bench-mounted stone. I never lose the fine stone because it’s always stored in the base, and it allows me to take the fine stone into the field with me if needed.”

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Getting Started in Food Plots?

Best food plots for deerIf you’re just getting started in food plots, it can be a daunting task. How do you test for the proper soil? Will you have adequate sunlight? What fertilization, minerals, and pH levels are optimal? If a plant lacks any of these key ingredients, it will not give your potential trophy buck the nutrition that he needs for maximum bone development and antler growth.

Learn from the experts in this one-of-a-kind collection. The kit includes:

Whitetail Institute Extreme Wildlife Seed Blend: Perennial seed blend provides a high quality, protein rich food source that is versatile enough to be grown in the toughest growing conditions. Food plot will withstand a pH range of 5.4 – 7.5 and only needs a minimum of 16″ of yearly rainfall. Once planted the plot can continue to grow for 3-5 years.

Whitetail Racks: Whitetail Racks, a spectacular all-color hardback volume, has more than 250 stunning, full-color photographs, illustrates the latest science and research on antlers from two of the preeminent wildlife biologists in the industry.

DDH Magazine Presents Planting and Maintaining Food Plots – Download: There’s an old saying in real estate about what makes a piece of property really valuable: location, location, location. According to the Lee and Tiffany Lakosky doctrine, the thing that makes a farm valuable for deer hunting is food, food and more food. Lee’s philosophy is simple. If you can offer your mature bucks plenty of good food on a year-round basis and a sense of security so those deer feel safe on your land, your chances of keeping them on your property increase dramatically. With this download, you can learn food plot secrets straight from the stars of the record-breaking TV program “The Crush” and apply them to your own deer hunting property. 

Along with three online course downloads and five episodes of Deer & Deer Hunting TV that deal specifically with food plots, tactics and management.

It’s an amazing value pack worth $125, but your price is considerably less. Buy It Now!