Don’t Let Limbs, Brush Ruin Your Best Deer Hunt Ever

Even late in the season if you’re in the Midwest or as gun seasons open or progress in the Southeast, it’s silly to go into the woods without thoughts of making the best shot possible from your tree stand, ground blind or shooting house.

EZ Kut Pruner tree limbWhether you’re snipping smaller branches around you in the ladder or climbing stand or bigger ones along a shooting lane from a box blind, making sure you have the best shot possibility is pretty critical. And especially from ground blinds, where you’re at a lower eye-level setting with the deer. You don’t want brush, limbs, twigs or anything else in front of you if at all possible that could deflect an arrow or bullet.

I usually try to get these pruning chores done in late summer, despite the heat, because doing so in spring means they’ll just grow back in a few months. I don’t believe occasional intrusion bothers deer too much, anyway; they get used to tractors and road sounds and house-yard-barn noises, so an occasional day or so of climbing, pruning, clipping, moving, camera-setting and such doesn’t make a big difference to me if I won’t be hunting there for another 6-8 weeks.

But you can’t get the work done unless you have good tools. Scrimping on cheap crap to save pennies means you’ll be buying more later. So why not buy the best pruning shears now and be done with it to work more efficiently?

“Some of the best hunting accessories are ones you either take for granted or are related to chores not directly related to killing a deer,” says Dan Schmidt, DDH Editor-in-Chief. “Although the EZ Kut pruner falls into both of those categories, it is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion.

“You won’t appreciate how valuable this tool is until you’ve used a cheap pruner. The difference is night and day. The EZ Kut makes quick, efficient work of any pruning job, and the tool is built to last. I won’t go hunting or scouting without it.”

Check out the EZ Kut here and be prepared …