Hunting Alone? How to Lift a Deer By Yourself

One of the most troublesome things about a successful deer hunt is loading the buck or doe onto an ATV, the tailgate of a truck or a utility vehicle — especially if you’re alone and haven’t field-dressed it yet.

Viking Solutions L-E-VatorEveryone has their methods, of course, but after you’re done deer hunting and have one on the ground, wrangling a 180-pound or larger buck or a slickhead nanny alone in the cold weather is, quite honestly, a chore. Here’s a cool new product from Viking Solutions that just may make loading deer so easy you’ll forget about those rasslin’ matches.

“Sometime the hardest part of the hunt is getting your downed game into the bed of your pickup truck, the trunk of your car or your ATV cargo rack,” said Dan Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief for Deer & Deer Hunting.

“Don’t risk throwing out your back when there’s an easy way to do it with the L-E Vator. I love this product. It’s simple to use and allows me to lift deer with a simple crank of a winch handle. It also folds flat, which means it doesn’t take up valuable space in my vehicle.”

The L-E-Vator allows a hunter to eliminate one of the most difficult and sometimes painful parts of the hunt, loading an animal for transport. Since many hunters often find themselves without a companion, Viking sought and developed a simple, one-person device to accomplish this task.

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This device is a standalone unit that can be used on most any ground. Simply unfold and insert two support cables into slots and you’re ready to lift your animal in seconds. This new device will lift an animal approximately 40 inches, which is high enough for easy loading onto most any hunting vehicle.

Check out this video about it:

“We all have been there at one time or another,” said John Woller Jr. “Loading a deer or other large game animal by yourself can be frustrating, difficult, and sometimes leads to back strains or pulled muscles. The new L-E-Vator makes these worries a thing of the past.”

The durable painted finish gives the hunter a product they can use for years, and its minimal weight makes it portable enough that anyone young or old can use it when they need an extra lifting assistant. Since the device is not attached to a vehicle, it can used anywhere. The L-E-Vator has a 300-pound weight capacity and its lifting arms will handle even the largest deer or other large game animal.

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