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Every Camp Needs This Disc

Some of my fondest deer hunting memories have been those long hours of post-hunt analysis back at camp after a day afield.

It didn’t matter who pulled the trigger or released the arrow. The devil, as they say, was always in the details. How did the deer react? Where did it run? What was it doing when the hunter last saw it? Our camp’s members would wear out those old Stump Sitters shot-placement posters discussing — and even arguing — about what to do next. But, I tell you, we were sure glad we at least had some kind of visual to get the discussion started.

I’m proud to say those days are in the past … the days of crude visuals, that is.

Yes, many of us will continue to use posters, plastic overlays and hand-scribbled drawings on paper napkins. However, I am confident you will not find a better tool than the new Vital Information CD being offered by D&DH.

This product has been 15-plus years in the making. We’ve secured everything you’ll need to better analyze each and every shot you take at a white-tailed deer. All you need is a computer.

Some of the features include:

* D&DH’s exclusive Vital Vision interactive computer program. This allows you to view an anatomically correct whitetail from 360 degrees. View all of a deer’s internal organs and bones from every possible shooting angle. Move screens in and out to see organs and bones.

* Five instructional hunting videos on proper shot placement show breath-taking hunts for trophy bucks and teach you the do’s and don’ts of shot placement as our staff rates each shot in detail.

* Eight full-length articles on whitetail science and physiology from the pages of D&DH. These articles will teach you the science behind the inner workings of a deer’s lungs, rumen, esophagus and circulatory system.

* Full-color deer-hair identification guide. A must for post-shot analysis.

* Complete deer anatomy charts with full-color illustrations.

* Photo essay to help age deer by their teeth.    

* Blood-trailing tips and tactics.    

* Guide to caping, skinning, field dressing and processing.

* Illustrations on how to identify the tracks of a wounded deer.

* Explanations on why deer are built to survive.

Vital Information will prove to be an invaluable tool for any deer camp or hunter education program. So be sure to order yours now to get it in time for opening day!

Click here to order your copy, call our toll-free hotline at (800) 258-0929, or log on to www.deeranddeerhunting.com/vitalinformation.