Extend Your Season with Great Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers is the first book devoted entirely to shed antler hunting.

SHED HUNTING by Joe SheadThis 160-page, fully illustrated book is an educational tool that teaches readers how to find shed white-tailed deer antlers. The book’s eight chapters discuss:

  • Biology of the shedding process
  • Where and when to look for antlers
  • How to find productive shed hunting areas
  • Shed hunting tips and techniques
  • and even how to train a dog to find antlers

Other topics include how to match up a set of antlers, dealing with competition from other shed hunters and how to enter your sheds into the record book.

Author Joe Shead is a former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. He has found sheds from Alabama to Alaska from several big-game species.

Get yours today and start finding more shed antlers!