Family and Friends: Gordy Krahn’s Hot Pick is the Can Cooker

CanCooker meals are easy to make anywhere.

CanCooker meals are easy to make anywhere.

Gordy Krahn has been in a lot of deer hunting camps over the years, both fancy and rustic, but the Deer & Deer Hunting editor knows that fantastic meals aren’t always created in the lap of luxury or by highbrow chefs.

In fact, some of the easiest and best meals are made by good ol’ boys using great ingredients and simple cooking methods like with the Can Cooker. It’s incredibly easy to use: put the rack in the bottom, add your meat and veggies, put at least 12 ounces of liquid in the cooker, close and seal the lid, and about 45 minutes later you’ll have a feast.

“If there’s a better tool than the Can Cooker for whipping up a quick and easy meal I’ve yet to see it,” Krahn said. “All you have to do is toss in your ingredients, snap on the lid, and let it cook (usually less than an hour). Some buddies and I were hunting grouse up in northern Minnesota last year and after a long (and successful) day in the woods arrived back at the cabin after dark.

“Making dinner was a breeze with the Can Cooker. We simply dumped in some water, added veggies, seasoning and a few tasty ruffed grouse and a half-hour later we were sitting down to dinner. It’s perfect for deer camp, too, because the moisture helps the meat absorb the seasonings and retain its rich, juicy flavor.”