Fire Up Your Bucks with the Aroma of Acorns

There’s no argument about whether deer love acorns and finding a hot oak dropping the succulent morsels during bow season or even early gun season usually is a hot stand!

The aroma of acorns also can be used to help fire up bucks and does later in the season or for off-season camera surveys. Check out this press release from Wildgame Innovations about Acorn Rage:


Acorn Rage

Hunters are always looking for ways to draw in deer and keep them coming back again and again. While most hunters agree that acorns will do the trick, they are not always ripe and dropping from trees.

After long research and development, Wildgame Innovations has finally made it possible to provide the sought-after taste of acorns to your deer herd throughout the year. Acorn Rage is the answer to your hunting prayers.

After being collected, the acorns are then crushed and mixed with a special oil-enriched roasted soybean meal in an extensive extrusion process. This process enables preservation that actually triggers a deer’s sense of taste and smell.

Acorn Rage was strategically developed to attract deer and provide nutrition for its overall health, while helping support superior antler growth. Easily digestible, Acorn Rage has the same good fats and carbs that deer need for rack growth.

Ready to use out of the bag, this attractant requires zero mixing and is easy to distribute. Acorn Rage is not a flavoring, not an extract, not a scent or aroma, but an actual acorn taste that drives deer into a rage of hunger all season long and keeps them returning for more.

The Acorn Rage product line is available in 5.5-pound and 16-pound bags, as well as in the Acorn Rage JUICED liquid version that is an easy-to-use gel formulation that lasts for weeks. Pour-N-Go!

The final Acorn Rage product, Acorn Rage Salt Block, is formulated with the same attracting power as the original Acorn Rage, but is available in a ready-to-use mineral block that lasts for weeks in the woods.

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