FLASH: Save Bucks for Your Bucks and Stay Cool

Engel DeepBlue roto-molded coolers are designed to provide long-lasting insulation to keep your food, beverages and deer meat colder when you’re heading to camp or back home after a successful hunt.

Click the photo for more information ...

Click the photo for more information …

These super coolers are engineered with seamless polyethylene and have a full two inches of dense polyurethane foam injected into the top, bottom and sizes. Along with the sealing gasket and locking lid, that keeps temperatures frigid inside, which means your deer meat will stay fresher and taste better.

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One other gigantic bonus, among the many features, is these coolers are so incredibly easy to clean. Just spray them down or wipe them with a non-abrasive cleanser. They’re stain resistant and have no-strain draining thanks to a pitched self-draining bottom construction.

If you don’t need a cooler, the Engel Dry/Cool Boxes are fantastic for packing a lunch if you’re taking the kids to camp for a fun day or work day, or a hunt in the ground blind where they might need a snack or five. These dry boxes also are fantastic for keeping your electronic items and other gear clean and dry, or if you need to keep something cool for a few hours.

DeepBlue Coolers are available in five sizes. Top off your cooler with a seat cushion to keep your bum from getting too hot on a summer day or if you’re sitting around the deer camp fire telling lies about the big buck you saw that day.

BONUS! Engel coolers, dry boxes and seat cushions are 20 percent off, giving you more savings to put toward deer hunting. Woohoo!