If You’re Going to Grunt, Make Sure It Sounds Real

Duel Game Calls grunt callGetting a buck’s attention can be done by rattling antlers together, using a good grunt call and realistic sounds, or bumbling through the woods like a clod and scaring off everything around you.

Don’t opt for the last possiblity. Rattling may not work as well in your neck of the woods, depending on the number of deer. Which leaves making realistic vocalizations, and that’s something anyone can do and get better at with practice.

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Having a great grunt call is a plus, though, and one of our favorites is the Duel Game Calls Stretchback Grunt Call. With Duel’s Dual Chamber Technology, this call projects sound through two separate chambers. That mimics the way real animals project sound, and produces an anatomically accurate and vocally realistic call.

The Stretchback Grunt Call is not only realistic, but also is also versatile. By simply extending the rubber flex tube, you can instantly change your call, producing the sounds of a small big, big buck, or moving buck, as well as all types of buck grunts.

“I really like the versatility of this grunt call,” said Gordy Krahn, Editor of Deer & Deer Hunting. “By extending the Stretchback Elite’s rubber flex tube I feel like a maestro as I alter the pitch of the grunt to imitate everything from a young buck to his great granddaddy. And like a lot of other grunt calls, it won’t quit working in cold weather.”

The rubber flex tube of this buck call is made out of a special rubber, rather than plastic, that not only creates robust and realistic call sounds, but also perfectly grunts when the call is extended or contracted. Also created with a FreezeFree design, this buck call won’t stop working like other grunt calls.  Be sure to check it out here as well as the Stretchback Elite Grunt Call and the Stretchback Grunter Kit loaded to the gills!