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Some of the articles included in this issue:

The Rut: Facts & Fiction: The whitetail’s behavior during the rut is expected to be as diverse as its genetic makeup. Here’s why the rut varies from one region to another.
by John J. Ozoga

Scrape Hunting Savvy: Want to get the drop on the biggest buck of your life? Reach deep into a seasoned big-buck hunter’s bag of tricks, which includes hunting over mock scrapes.
by Pat Reeve

Work the Graveyard Shift! Understanding the intricate aspects of deer movement behavior is critical for catching them out during the day.
by Patrick Meitin

Big-Woods Deer Drives: There are no food plots or agricultural fields where these giant bucks roam. That’s why many seasoned gun-hunters use boot leather to fill their tags.
by Steve Heiting

Venison: All About Aging Meat: Want to improve the texture and flavor of your favorite meat? Try this age-old method of venison processing. You might be surprised at the results.
by Tom Carpenter

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