Get Ready for Clear Shots at Deer With Wide Open Shooting Lanes

Wicked Tough Saw

Trimming trees and limbs to create shooting lanes is a fun but necessary summer chore before hunting season.


This has been one of the weirdest summers in parts of the Southeast due to the amount of rain that has fallen in some areas, which means there’s no lack of vegetation.

By Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor

In my home state, Alabama, we’ve had what seems like daily thunderstorms and not just little knock-down-the-dust bursts, either. Double-digit rainfall amounts in the last month or so have been recorded. Showers dumping up to three inches in a short amount of time, which causes flooding, hit in July and early August.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is easy to tote in the woods for trimming shooting lanes.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is easy to tote in the woods for trimming shooting lanes.

Children and pets are getting lost in yards! Not really, but it seems that way. The woods are thick with vegetation and trees have definitely caught up on some slim rainfall the last couple of years. Rain is good, of course, because the wildlife benefits, too. We haven’t had any noticeable outbreaks of EHD this summer like during the years with little to no rain.

That means summer prep for deer season will include trimming shooting lanes around box blinds, ground blinds and any ladder or tree stand sites. It’s a necessary evil, I guess, but part of the fun of getting ready for the season. Load a backpack with some gear (don’t forget your water) and head out with the loppers, clippers, chain saw or whatever tools you need to get those lanes open.

Wicked Tree Gear offers some super hand saws and pole saws to help get the job done. The Wicked Tough Hand Saw has a cast aluminum handle, hardened high-carbon steel 7-inch blade, ergonomic design and a secure “Zero Slop” lock to keep the blade secure. It’s lightweight and folds up so you can stick it in a backpack or jeans pocket. The Bone Saw makes post-hunt venison preparations a breeze at the skinning shed.

If you have higher limbs to trim or those that are out of reach from a ladder without being safe (remember you safety harness when working), the 6-foot and 12-foot Pole Saws have 11-inch blades, adjustable poles and Zero Slop blade locks. You can tote them into the woods for trimming around tree stands, and then use the Hand Saw to create those nice little windows for arrows and bullets when a buck or doe walks into range.

Check out the saws here and be ready for opening day!