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We know your time in the whitetail woods is precious, and that you need to make the most of those prized hours. Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is here to help you focus on the best times to intercept those gagger bucks that have been providing eye candy on your trail cams all summer and early fall.

In the October issue, the D&DH exclusive “2017 Lunar Rut Report” will pinpoint the most productive days you can spend in pursuit of America’s most incredible big game animal — the peak of the rut. Knowing when peak rut activity occurs is the first step in determining the best time to be in the deer woods this fall, and Charlie Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche have crunched the numbers and come up with the exact days when you should concentrate your efforts in the whitetail woods this fall. Now all you have to do is sneak out of work when the time is right.

Anticipation is high as the peak of the whitetail season is at hand and the November rut looms ever closer. Maybe this will be the year you drop the hammer on the buck of your dreams! But just how aggressively should you hunt on public land to make that happen? In the October issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, public land hunting specialist Steve Bartylla will help you find that delicate balance point between hunting too passively or too aggressively.

Going to give rattling a try this season but don’t know where to start? Start with those things you shouldn’t do. In this issue of D&DH you’ll learn about some common rattling myths — and why they’re just that … myths.

The 2017 whitetail season is in full swing, hunting guys and gals! And armed with all of the timely information in the October 2017 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting, you’ll be better informed to make those whitetail dreams come true.

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October 2017 Issue highlights:

  • Is that buck you’ve been capturing on your trail cams all summer a no show now that season is under way? D&DH regular Patrick Meitin explains that it’s probably just a matter of him turning nocturnal, visiting those food sources where the does hang out long after dark. The key, he says, to ambushing white-tailed bucks skirting the edges of legal shooting hours is catching them early during their evening journeys — where they stage.
  • You’ve probably heard it said that during the rut it’s important to “hunt” does to have your best shot at tagging a buck. Steve Ditchkoff and his team at Auburn University agree, and they have the data to back it up. In this issue of D&DH, learn why it’s critical to understand the role of does in mate selection.
  • As crossbow manufacturers continue to push the speed envelope, trade-offs and compromises emerge. And the question arises: How fast is fast enough? Learn the answers in the October issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.
  • Want to be a hit with friends and family? Give them some jerky! In this installment of D&DH’s popular Butcher Shop column, Tom Carpenter picks the best tools for making mouth-watering venison jerky.

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