Gifts for Hunters

Need to find gifts for hunters? Here are some top picks from the staff of Deer & Deer Hunting. They include deer hunting gear for all sorts of hunters, from beginners to advanced.


Heading Out With a Cooler? Pack it Wisely!

With spring and summer comes travel to youth sporting events, family outings, the beach, 3D archery contests, maybe a NASCAR race or some hot but enjoyable work weekends at camp. You’ll need a cooler and plenty of ice to keep your items cold. Without it you’ll have hot water and sodas, spoiled food and...


Gotta Love Those Warm, Slip-On Boots

I’m not ashamed to say I’m a boot and shoe nut, always on the lookout for something that will feel comfortable, dry and help keep me warm in winter. My first boots years ago were all-leather lace-ups, which worked but had little to no insulating qualities. Leather and a hard rubber sole combined with...

That's 5 cups worth of fresh veggies sealed and ready for the freezer. The Oliso vac removed all of the air to provide a nice little package for the freezer. Can't wait to see what this does with venison steaks.

Keep Venison Fresher With an Oliso Pro Vacuum Sealer

Keeping your frozen venison tasting fresh is a key to great meals, whether you’re eating it a month from now or late next summer. Improper packaging and freezing may not yield the best results, though, leaving you irritated and frustrated. Want to learn how to freeze food with one of the best vacuum sealers...

Dan Schmidt

Top 5 Scrape, Buck Accessories

Hunting season isn’t far away for most states, and that means bucks will soon be making scrapes and rubs to leave signpost messages for other deer. These signposts are one way deer communicate. They rub their heads on trees to make rubs, or on limbs over a scrape, and leave glandular secretions. They lick...


Ten Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Deer Hunting Dad

If you’re looking for some of the best Father’s Day gifts then you definitely can get something for dear ol’ dad from this great list. No ugly ties! No socks or belt! Definitely no underwear! C’mon, now, get him something he can use and enjoy! From a subscription to Deer & Deer Hunting magazine...