Gifts for Hunters

Need to find gifts for hunters? Here are some top picks from the staff of Deer & Deer Hunting. They include deer hunting gear for all sorts of hunters, from beginners to advanced.

Duel Stretchback Grunt

Whoa! Check Out This Incredible Deer Hunting Deal!

George Thorogood may have sang “Who Do You Love?” but at DDH we know the right question is “What do you love?” And the answer is … deer hunting gear on sale! Check out some of the best deer hunting tips, food plot secrets, treestand placement strategies, habitat management ideas, venison recipes and more...

Thermacell Lantern

Give West Nile a Haymaker When You’re Deer Hunting

The first real good view of how a ThermaCell works came while I was turkey hunting in south Alabama about 10 or so years ago with a friend. He was about 10-15 yards from me sitting against a tree watching one direction. I was backed up to a tree watching the opposite direction. My...

Celestron FireCel

Heat Up, Juice Up and Don’t Be in the Dark This Season

Try as we might to get into the woods and disconnect, we’re usually not far from our smart phones. There can be, of course, a legitimate need for smartphones in the woods: calling for help, using the GPS or compass, even using the light in a pinch. I’ve used my iPhone flashlight feature more...


Big Buck Hunters Know When to Shift for Hot Rut Strategies

Becoming more knowledgeable about the various phases of the white-tailed deer rut is one of the most enjoyable and challenging things deer hunters can do. While many hunters believe “the rut” is the exciting chasing and breeding period, the actual rut is a months-long process. Learning more about these fascinating, unique phases and how to...

Roland Andrus of Louisiana was using Smokey's lure while hunting in Missouri when this fine buck stepped within range.

Fire Up Your Mock Scrape During the Rut to Drive Bucks Wild

Research proves that the licking branch is the No. 1 key to success when hunting a mock scrape, one of the best ways to fire up a big buck and get him interested in seeing what buck has invaded his territory. The key to that licking branch is preorbital scent. Bucks secrete this scent as a...

Gordy Krahn knows that a realistic call can make a difference with a wary buck.

A Deer Came In Grunting, and It Sounded Like This

While hunting in Saskatchewan recently I had a giant doe and her two shaggy donkey yearlings about 30 or 40 yards away when they suddenly looked behind my ground blind. I already had a lynx come padding through so I figured maybe this was going to be a wolf or sasquatch or something from...