The Season: BDD! Dan Secures More Venison

Best tips for blood trailing a deer

Bubbles in blood indicates a lung hit. This blood trail also shows signs of a liver hit, as some of the blood is darker red, almost maroon, in appearance. (photo by Tracy Schmidt)

Big doe down!

Gosh, is there a greater sight in autumn? You’ve released the arrow, saw the impact, waited the minimum of 30 minutes to track your deer.

I told my wife that she had best follow me on the blood trail. Tracy is the best spotter for blood I’ve ever accompanied. Don’t know if that is a chromosome thing, but it’s true.

Well, as you can see, this was one short blood trail These new Rage X-Treme broadheads I’ve been shooting this fall are nothing short of incredible. The head produces almost a 2-1/2-inch cut. And my Mathews Heli-M has been helping propel these broadheads — afixed to Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KVs — in extremely accurate patterns.

Fresh tenderloins on this night. Two deer in the freezer, but we’re far from done. In fact, we’re only getting started.

Happy fall!

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