Three Hot Hunting Gadgets for Christmas 2016

Gadgets have become as common as mistletoe at Christmas. Really, no Yuletide wish list is complete with out some newfangled, digital something-or-other inked on it. That goes for hunting must-haves, as well. The age-old pursuit has adopted every stripe of pixilated miracle of modern invention, all meant to help put trophies on the wall and meat on the table. Here are three digital accessories from that the cutting-edge hunter in your life is certain to go gaga over this Christmas.

Christmas Hunting Gift GuideProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles (w/ Bluetooth®)

Keep your favorite hunter warm and toasty during hunting season with these innovative insoles. ThermaCell’s ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles keeps Jack Frost from nipping at the toes with three heating settings. But what makes these gems so innovative is how your hunter dials up the perfect temperature (100, 110 and 115 degrees) for his feet. With ThermaCell’s app, the insoles are controlled from the convenience of a smart phone. This means there’s no extra gear for your gamesman to pack in and out of his honey hole, making deer season just a bit easier and definitely warmer. ProFlex offers up to 8.5 hours of warmth from a 2-hour charging of its lithium-ion polymer batteries, which can be switched out without removing the insoles. The insoles are antimicrobial, meaning that even after a long day heating up feet in the field they won’t stink up the join when your hunter takes his boots off.

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Christmas Hunting Gift GuideWEATHERmeter for Precision Shooting

Want to stuff your hunter’s stocking with one of the most powerful shooting accessories out there? Then you can’t go wrong with the WEATHERmeter. Combined with GeoBallistics smart device application this tool allows your hunter to master all the elemental factors that go into making an accurate and deadly shot. Linking up with a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth®, the WEATHERmeter measures winds speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and elevation. It then produces precise shooting solutions in the blink of an eye, giving your hunter the confidence to make his shot. The GeoBallistics application (available at iTunes and Google Play) also includes a powerful mapping function. Utilizing satellite surveys, the program has the ability to range shots and visualize bullet trajectory and velocity. This is vital information, even for those who do not take long-distance shots, allowing them to better understand where their bullet is flying and how the conditions affect it.

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Christmas Hunting Gift GuideHeat Packs – Bluetooth Pocket Warmer

Your hunter’s eyes will light up when he unwraps ThermaCell’s Heat Packs this Christmas. That’s because he’ll know his deer season just got a whole bunch more comfortable. The handy device slip easily into any jacket or pants pocket, or can be place under the layers of cloths to generate core heat. Best of all, the unit doesn’t need to be pulled out to adjust the temperature. Conveniently controlled by ThermaCell’s smart device application, your hunter has up to 116-degrees of frost-defeating heat at his fingertips. The shock-resistant Heat Packs are field tough and designed to be recharged hundreds of times. Off each 2-hour charging, the unit can spit out 6-hours of constant heat, keeping your hunter warm even on the longest days afield. And at only a few ounces in weight, the pocket warmer adds almost no burden, even on the longest trudges to a honey hole.

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