Glenn’s Deer Handle Helps the Drag

Endorsed by TED NUGENT on Spirit of the Wild, Glenn’s Deer Handle gives you the GRIP and LEVERAGE you need to pull deer through ditches and rough terrain. It  enables one man to load deer single-handedly onto an ATV or into the bed of a truck.

Get a Grip on Your Deer
Lift deer easily in less than 10 seconds! The Deer Handle attaches and detaches instantly with no knots, buckles, or complicated devices. Double-duty device — use it to reduce effort dragging, and hoist your trophy.

Dad will Thank You

The Deer Handle will make dad think of you every time he loads his deer into his vehicle, hassle free. To take the hard work out of deer hunting, and place your order in time for Father’s Day, visit Learn more by watching online videos or read user reviews from satisfied Cabela’s customers.

This year, BE PREPARED FOR SUCCESS — put Glenn’s Deer Handle in your pack! Learn more