Gravely Atlas Side-by-Side Has Features Land Managers Need

Atlas JSV_07sPolaris and Ariens Partner to Create
an Intriguing New Option for Hunting Properties

By Jared Blohm

Most land managers rely on a variety of vehicles to oversee their hunting properties. They use a truck to haul wood, seed, lime, fertilizer, deer feed and other heavy loads. A tractor is usually needed to complete food plot work. And an ATV or UTV is used to transport hunters across the property.

As ATVs and UTVs evolve though, many land managers have begun using the machines in expanded roles, whether it’s for hauling loads across the property or pulling a plow or other implement to work up out-of-the-way food plots. But most of these units simply aren’t built for performing all of the heavy-duty jobs a land manager faces.

The new Gravely Atlas JSV has the potential to push the boundaries of what a UTV can accomplish though.


Built for Performance

When Polaris and Ariens teamed up to create the Atlas under Ariens’ Gravely brand, they designed the UTV as a “Job Site Vehicle” for workers in labor-intensive fields such as construction, landscaping and farming. But they quickly realized the performance capabilities of the side-by-side also catered to the needs of land managers.

With a 1,900-pound payload and 2,000-pound towing capacity, the Atlas can literally haul a ton. The UTV’s all-wheel drive, heavy-duty traction, De Dion rear suspension and abundant ground clearance makes it a capable of delivering people or loads to remote areas, too.

The all-steel MX-18 JobBox can hold up to 1,250 pounds, and the extra-large 48-inch by 57-inch bed easily holds a standard wooden pallet. The electric cargo bed lift comes standard on all Atlas models.

The Altas JSV-3000 fits three adults comfortably across one bench seat and the Atlas JSV-6000 crew model fits six adults across two bench seats. Both models are available with a 1-cylinder, 570cc Polaris DOHC gas engine or 3-cylinder, 1028cc Kohler Diesel engine. All engines provide a 10-gallon fuel capacity and ground speed of 35 miles per hour.

Accessories include winches, snowplows, front receiver hitches, tool racks, chainsaw presses, gun mounts, cargo boxes and more.


Atlas Mud

Ride in Style

We were able to test drive the Atlas recently and walked away impressed. Despite the heavy-duty features, the UTV is a sharp-looking, smooth-riding, comfortable and roomy machine. We tested it in various conditions, including rocky grasslands and muddy fields, and the rugged Atlas handled every situation with ease.

We loaded one Atlas JobBox to its 1,250-pound capacity, and it barely seemed to slow the UTV down. The electronic cargo bed lift was also a handy feature and performed well. High-beam and low-beam light options would come in handy when working on hunting properties at night.

Although we were unable to test food plot implements, the Atlas specs lead us to believe it could effectively pull the equipment necessary to be used for plot work.

There are a number of accessories that would make the Atlas even more appealing to hunters. The option to fully enclose the cab would be desirable, especially for Northern land managers, and the gun mount would be useful in all climates. The HD Pro 4,500-pound winch is another accessory those taking the machine off-road would likely consider.

Another option that will appeal to hunters will be offered soon, according to the Ariens team. The Atlas only comes in red now, but they are working on a camouflage option that should be available within the next year.


Atlas JSV_09s

Pushing the Envelope

The Gravely Atlas JSV might not have been designed with hunters in mind, but we think land managers should definitely take notice. With power and performance in all the right areas, this job site vehicle could be the answer to your hunting property needs.

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