Great Hearing Protection for Avid Shooters

Are you an avid firearm shooter? Do you constantly find yourself wishing you had better “ears” after a long day of shedding lead?

Stop settling for subpar in-ear protection that may not protect your ears. Pro Ears are advanced electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting, hunting and any kind of industrial applications.

Pro Ears hearingPro Ears’  technology allows avid hunters, shooters and law enforcement agents to protect their ears and hearing during shooting, while allowing shooters to hear conversation, and critical range commands even during high-volume spikes on the range.

Pro Ears give the perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound. They aren’t just for hunters and shooters. Many law enforcement, military, construction and industrial workers use them as well.

Only Pro Ears models of electronic hearing protection/amplification earmuffs feature Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DSLC) Technology. This superior technology allows the wearer to hear every sound, even during high-volume noise spikes. Only DLSC technology protects hearing while at the same time allowing the wearer to hear lower-volume sounds, such as normal conversation.

DLSC works by instantly compressing all noises over the 70 dB threshold to a safe level while amplifying all sounds below that to 70 dB. The wearer will hear everything, including conversation, while simultaneously being protected from dangerous, high-volume sounds.

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