These Handwarmers Have Three Times the Output in One Package

Hiking into the woods from a trailhead, hauling decoys to a duck blind in the dark and heading for a tree stand for a deer hunt are all very diverse fall outdoor activities- and they have one thing in common. The gear you carry has to work and it has to be compact.

Space and weight are always at a premium for outdoorsmen. That’s why Celestron’s Elements line of products works so well for anglers, hunters and hikers.

Celestron designed its Elements line around the concept that handwarmers, flashlights, and a back-up power sources for electronic devices are all critical features for those who spend time outdoors. The Elements line of products combines all of these functions into one tool.

Celestron Thermotorch 10

Celestron Thermotorch 10

Elements devices are multi-functional tools that provide bright LED illumination, portable power to top off your smartphone or GPS batteries and handwarmers that heat throughout the chilly seasons.

They are made rugged, lightweight and compact for outdoorsmen who spend time in the field or on the water. The handwarming function of all Celestron Elements comes with a critical advantage for hunters because the heat source is a battery rather than combustible fuel, therefore producing no scent.

Celestron recognizes that different outdoorsmen have different needs, so providing options is also a key feature of the Elements line. Elements come in various configurations, notably the TermoTorch, FireCel, and ThermoCharge products.

The ThermoTorch and FireCel come as 3-in-1 tools — flashlight, handwarmer and power supply. The ThermoCharge is a 2-in-1 tool — handwarmer and heavy-duty electronic device charger.

Celestron Thermocharge 10 power bank

Celestron Thermocharge 10 power bank

The ThermoTorch 5, and it’s bigger brother the TermoTorch 10, are tactical flashlights that provide powerful light. The difference between them is that the ThermoTorch 5 produces 5 hours of handwarming heat, while the ThermoTorch 10 can last up to 10 hours.

The FireCel line is shaped to fit in the palm and provides both red and white LED lighting. When preserving night vision, it’s critical for hunters and anglers that the FireCel, FireCel + and the FireCel Mega 6 red LEDs provide great options in the field. Like the thermoTorch, the FireCels provide handwarming comfort and will recharge electronic devices through USB ports.

They are also very simple to use to charge other devices — the auto charge feature means no buttons to push. You simply plug the device in to the USB OUT port and the ThermoTorch does the rest. You never again have to worry about your cell phone battery going dead right when you need it. You never again have to miss getting a picture of a trophy in the field because your camera battery died. And your GPS unit will never be out of power at the wrong time.

If you don’t need a flashlight function, the Thermocharge 10 is a 2-in-1 handwarmer and power bank. It provides 12 hours of handwarmer heat, and like other Elements, products, is easy to use for charging your smartphone, GPS camera or other electronic devices.

Even if you just need a handwarmer and don’t need multifunctions. Celestron gives you what you want in the Elements Thermotrek, a durable, aluminum housed, re-chargeable hand warmer that can last for six hours of continuous use.

Products in Celestron’s Elements line are water resistant, dust proof, crush proof and drop tested to hold up under real-life hunting and fishing conditions. They will not fail you in the field.

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